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Organisational Services

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Education Policy

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Labour Market Advocacy

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Administration and HR Services

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Regional associations

Our regional operations are based on the joint activities of all our regional associations’ member groups.

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Local associations and sub-associations

Our operations are founded on active local associations and their sub-associations.

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10 reasons to join OAJ

There are at least ten good reasons to join OAJ.

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Contact us

We serve our members using online enquiry forms, which is the easiest way to contact us. We also serve our members by phone.

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OAJ – a strong voice for teachers

Opetusalan Ammattijärjestö OAJ, the Trade Union of Education is a strong voice for those working in the education, training, and research sectors in Finland. We have over 120 000 members from early childhood education level to university lecturers.

01.06.2018 Blog
Olli Luukkainen: A better future demands constant investment in education

Education is in the core of each civilized and progress striving nation, said Olli Luukkainen in his opening speech of the OAJ Council's spring meeting.

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