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Union fees

The union fee is determined based on your gross earnings, and it is tax deductible.

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Executive Board

OAJ’s Council elects the union’s Executive Board for two years at a time.

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A Council elected by our members holds the highest decision-making authority in the union.

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OAJ members

We bring together education, training and research sector professionals across education sectors.

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Join the union!

Do you work as an employee in education or training or as an education sector expert or manager? Join OAJ!

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The management of our organisation is based on the participation and influence of our members – our members form the foundation for everything we do.

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Results of our operations

The Trade Union of Education in Finland OAJ has a long history and close international ties.

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Council elections

The 150-member Council is OAJ’s highest decision-making body.

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Brand guidelines and logos

Please take a look at our brand guidelines before using OAJ’s logos.

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Image bank

Photos of people can be used freely by the media. Please use the guidelines for images when using photos.

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