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19.10.2023 News
Legal and Working Life Services

03.08.2023 Content page
Member Initiative

OAJ members have the opportunity to establish a member initiative by submitting a proposal to the OAJ Council.

09.06.2023 Content page
Katarina Murto is OAJ's new president

Master of Law and Dance teacher Katarina Murto is OAJ’s next president. Ms. Murto was elected in the first round of voting at the OAJ Council meeting in Helsinki on 10 May.

11.05.2022 News
The system reform is progressing with a few issues – membership services are congested

The OAJ registry system was changed during the summer. The members can see the change most clearly in the renewed Omat tiedot section. There were a lot of problems with the deployment, which has caused severe congestion in the membership service.

24.08.2021 News
OAJ's Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to us. The Trade Union of Education in Finland (hereinafter OAJ) is committed to protecting your privacy in the best manner possible and to processing your personal data transparently in compliance with the valid laws and good data protection practice.

13.06.2019 Content page
OAJ - The interest organization for teachers

The Trade Union of Education in Finland, OAJ, is an independent trade union, not linked to any political party, with ca. 120,000 members. Every 9 out 10 teachers in Finland is a OAJ member. OAJ is the sixth largest trade union in the country.

26.03.2019 Publication
OAJ activist members' online services

01.11.2018 Content page

We offer our members the opportunity to independently monitor their working hours. You can conveniently keep track of and plan your working hours using OAJ’s Vipu app.

01.11.2018 Content page