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Practical arrangements for training events

Read more about the practical arrangements for our training events, such as travel, leave of absence or working holidays, earnings losses and meal costs.

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Briefings for recent graduates

Are you graduating as a teacher? Take a look at the employment terms of your new profession at our briefings for recent graduates. We organise briefings annually.

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SOOL union courses

SOOL’s union courses introduce and train student teachers in organisational activities.

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Leadership training

Leadership training provides up-to-date information on collective agreements, and on the position, tasks and responsibilities of leaders and legislation.

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We annually arrange pedagogical seminars on current themes and sectors.

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Training for activist members

We offer shop stewards, regional ombudsmen, association presidents and occupational safety and health representatives solid training in managing tasks related to positions of trust.

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OAJ trains and educates

We offer several training events each year for our members and activist members.

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NOPE training for young teachers

Are you a young teacher? Network with other professionals and gain insight into your field. Our NOPE training is tailored to meet the needs of young teachers.

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