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Education is the solution to integration

In order to maintain the Finnish welfare society and its services also in the future, we must resolve how to increase the working age population in Finland. We must also open the doors of our welfare society to people arriving from other countries.

07.03.2019 Blog
Integration Compass 2019

Education helps us ensure that culture is shared by all people living and arriving in Finland. We must offer education and training to people of all ages. Competent teachers at every step from early childhood education and care (ECEC) to adult education and training want to work towards promoting the studies and employment of everyone in Finland. OAJ treats internationality as well as cultural and people diversity as an opportunity. Although considerable effort has been taken to promote integration, there is still work to be done. OAJ highlights that education is the best form of integration.

07.03.2019 Publication
Integration Compass

OAJ sees internationality and multiculturalism as part of Finnish society and as an enriching component in the lives of Finnish people. That is why we have for years emphasised that education is the best integration policy. Even though it is a widely known and recognised fact, we still think Finland has not been able to take enough concrete measures to promote integration. That is why OAJ has devised the Integration Compass.

11.02.2016 Publication