Everyone looks forward to their holidays. Going on holiday is easier when you know how you accrue your holidays.

Holidays in the education, training and research sector are determined by collective agreements. Some personnel in the sector fall within the scope of the Annual Holidays Act. Teachers whose working hours are based on the teaching obligation do not accrue actual annual holidays; instead, these are referred to as non-teaching periods, such as summer breaks.

The following, among others, are entitled to annual holidays:

  • early childhood education teachers, day-care centre directors and special needs teachers in early childhood education
  • principals and holders of a vice-principal position
  • education experts
  • teachers at health and social services educational institutions
  • teachers at forestry and wood technology educational institutions
  • adult education directors and guidance counsellors at vocational schools
  • laboratory engineers at marine technology schools
  • full-time teachers at municipal folk high schools
  • teachers at vocational adult education centres

How holidays are determined

Your holiday is determined by your collective agreement. The agreement that applies to you is indicated in your ‘appointment to office’ document or your employment contract.

Your shop steward will help you interpret the agreements.

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