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Our ‘Pay, conditions & help’ section provides professionals working in education, training and research with information about their sector’s employment terms and conditions, as well as solutions for problem situations.

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Find out what you should know when you accept a new job.

Employment relationship

Working hours

How are working hours determined for the various jobs in the education sector?

Working hours

What are salaries and wages in the education sector composed of?

Grounds for determining basic salary and additional payments and bonuses.

Salaries and wages

Are you familiar with your collective agreement?

There are many collective agreements in the education sector. Do you know which one applies to you?


Is it holiday time?

Summer breaks and annual holidays.


Is your family growing?

Maternal and paternal leave, parental leave, child-care leave and other types of family leave.

Family leave

Are studies or job alternation leave in your future?

Special days off and discretionary leave.

Study and job alternation leave, other types of leave

Have you fallen ill?

Absences due to illness, doctors’ appointments, workplace accidents and falling ill while on holiday.

Sick leave

Do you take care of your well-being at work?

A heavy workload and stress have a negative impact on well-being at work – occupational health care and a supportive work environment help!

Well-being at work

What constitutes a safe working environment?

Everyone should feel safe at their workplace, which means a safe and healthy work environment is a top priority.

Safe working environment

Who is responsible for OSH at the workplace?

The employer’s obligation is to ensure equality, well-being and a safe work environment for its employees. Occupational safety and health is, however, a team effort.

Occupational safety and health

How can work discrimination be addressed?

A good work community promotes equality and non-discrimination.

Equality and non-discrimination

On what grounds can an employment relationship be temporary?

Temporary employment relationships are exceptions.

Temporary employment

Did you run into problems at work?

Warnings, hearings and suspensions.

Termination of employment relationship on personal grounds

What happens in a co-operation procedure?

The co-operation procedure is a negotiation between the employer and the employees that aims to develop the operations of the workplace and employees’ opportunities to influence their work.

Co-operation procedure

On what grounds can employment be terminated?

Lay-offs, co-operation procedures and the end of a trial period.

The end of employment


Pensions and retirement in the education and training sector.


Looking for work in the education, training and research sector?

Tips and support for job seeking and career planning, and guidance in case of unemployment.

Career guide

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