OAJ's strategy

Our strategy defines our union’s basic task, outlook and values. All of our operations are guided by the values defined by OAJ’s Council in August 2020.

OAJ offers support as working life changes

→ Work and competence requirements are changing.
This also creates pressure for change in the education sector.

→ The structure of the population is changing.

Change in age distribution, urbanisation and immigration affect the work and employment of our members.

→ The values, attitudes and expectations of organisational activities are changing.
This will also force OAJ to reform.

→ The balance of public sector finance is unstable.
OAJ must constantly emphasise the importance of high-quality education, training and research, and defend adequate funding.

OAJ's Strategy


Our core functions

OAJ advocates the interests of its members and creates security for them as working life changes.


Our development promises

→ We strengthen the appeal and appreciation of teaching.

→ We promote the well-being of our members at work.

→ We improve interaction with our members and increase opportunities for participation.

→ We communicate in interesting ways about our work and its results.

→ We are boldly reforming into a trade union for the 2030s.


Our approach

→ We serve our members with expertise and passion.

→ As a partner, we are reliable and solution-oriented.

→ We always act according to our values: fairly, transparently and responsibly


Our vision for the future

→ Finland is the best place in the world to teach, learn and do research.

→ Every member feels that membership is an advantage.

Trade Union of Education in Finland (OAJ)

→ OAJ is a union for education, training and research professionals. We support our members and implement the union’s strategy throughout the country – in every municipality and every workplace.

→ We operate democratically and seek to promote diversity.

Our Members

→ By members we mean all our current members, regardless of their place of work or job, as well as our student teachers and senior members.

We look to the future

→ We listen and pay attention to potential new members in our actions and as we reform as a union.