Fourth ban on overtime and shift change for OAJ members in municipal sector

12.04.2022 - 12:00 News

The fourth extensive ban on overtime and shift change will become effective in the municipal sector and applies also to the members of OAJ. The ban on overtime and shift changes was announced by the negotiating organisations Juko and Jau.

The ban on overtime and shift change applies most extensively to those members of OAJ who are early childhood education teachers in an employment relationship. Civil servants may not, by law, take part in any organisational measures other than a strike. 

The third ban on overtime and shift change starts on Monday the 18th April at 0:01 and is valid until further notice. It covers the work duties of the members of the unions belonging to Juko in four municipal collective agreement sectors. OAJ has members belonging to the fields of municipal collective agreement for the education sector (OVTES) and general collective agreement for municipal personnel (KVTES).

The purpose of the measure is to speed up the process of finding a solution for the agreement in the municipal sector. The validity of collective agreements in the municipal sector expired on 28 February, and no negotiated result has been reached.

OAJ has compiled general questions on the ban on overtime and shift change, as well as answers to them. Read more.