Login instructions

Logging in to OAJ’s website is easy, but to help you out, we have compiled instructions on how to log in and how to reset your password.

How to log in to OAJ’s website

Logging in to OAJ’s website and certain web services takes place with the user’s membership number, email address or mobile phone number, and a password. Your membership number is on your membership card.

If you use your email address or mobile phone number as your Username, they must be the same as the primary contact details that are saved under your membership details.

You can login to OAJ services also by using strong authentication. From the login page select the online banking service suitable to you or use the mobile certificate. Through strong authentication, logging in allows access to the services, even if your membership number or password is lost. You can update your personal details at the Omat Tiedot -application after identification.

More information about the mobile certificate and activating it, can be found through your own operator at https://mobiilivarmenne.fi/eng

Forgot your password?

You can request a new password through the ‘Unohditko salasanasi?’ (Forgot your password?) link on the login page. In the form to request a new password, you can choose whether to use your membership number, email address or mobile phone number for verification. In order to use your email address or mobile phone number, they must be the same as the ones saved as your primary contact details in the membership services. You must also enter your personal identity code.

You can choose whether to have your new password sent to you by text message or by email. The new password or the link to reset your password will be sent to the primary contact details that are saved in the membership services, i.e. to your mobile phone number or email address, depending on which one you choose. Please note that the link sent via email to reset your password is valid only for one hour.

How to reset your password

You can reset your password on the online services desktop.

Select the ‘Salasana’ (Password) tab. You must first enter your old password and then enter a new password twice.

Online services desktop (in Finnish)

Incomplete or outdated contact details and forgotten password

If you forget your password and your contact details are incomplete or out of date, you can request that your contact details be updated either by calling the membership services or using an enquiry form.

We will update your contact details and send a reply message informing you when you can request a new password. Once you receive your new password, you can log in to the website and update your contact details.

Contact us!Enquiry forms

Recommended browsers

OAJ’s  online services require an internet connection and a web-browser. Our services operate best with the two latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

If you update your details in Omat tiedot with Chrome, please make sure that your changes are saved correctly. The Chrome browser’s autofill can make errors in the changed fields, for example fill several fields with the same name, if you are not careful.

Having problems logging in?

If you cannot access your personal details through the website Login -button or see the member-targeted content, follow these steps:

Wait for a few minutes and try again. The site may be congested. Try also clearing your browsing history and cookies.

If, despite the new attempts, you are not able to log in, send information about the problem to OAJ using the enquiry form.

Add the following information to the form to clarify the matter:

  • Let us know which log in method you used; your membership number, a bank ID, or a mobile ID when trying to log in?
  • If you tried to log in with a bank ID, which bank did you use (e.g. OP, Nordea, Danske Bank) ?
  • What kind of error message did you receive?