We offer shop stewards, regional ombudsmen, association presidents and occupational safety and health representatives solid training in managing tasks related to positions of trust.

OAJ’s training is divided into collective bargaining training and other advocacy training, organisational training and leadership training. Collective bargaining training delves into the stipulations and interpretation of collective agreements, organisational training prepares participants for organisational activities, and leadership training develops leadership capabilities for the sector.

The training of future activist members and the content and materials of the training events are available on OAJ-areena, an online service for the union’s activist members. OAJ invites the participants to activist member training events.

Learn more about training events in OAJ-areena

Shop steward training

The training maintains and strengthens the efficient interpretation of and compliance with the terms and conditions of employment contracts resulting from collective bargaining, labour legislation, occupational safety and health, co-operation and the quality of working life in each agreement and education sector.

Co-operation training

The training strengthens interpretation of and compliance with agreements concerning co-operation legislation and co-operation in different agreement sectors. The goal is to update and deepen the co-operation competence of local co-operation activists and to support the management of co-operation.

The training presents the latest good practices and ways of working.

OSH (occupational safety and health) training

The goal of the training is for the person in charge of OSH co-operation to understand the significance of interaction, OSH and co-operation in the daily operations of the workplace.

The training provides guidance in acquiring information and support and new capabilities for managing co-operation tasks. The training reviews basic information on occupational safety and health regulations, legislation, agreements and recommendations.

Organisational training

Organisational training maintains and bolsters OAJ activist members’ competence in working in their regional, local or teachers’ association. The training provides information on the union’s policies and strengthens organisational skills.

The versatile training increases the union’s solidarity and meets the needs of various member groups.


How to sign up for our training programmes

Log in and go to the ‘Profile’ section on lex.oaj.fi. Logging in takes place with your membership number, email address or mobile phone number, and a password.

Choose tab ’Kurssit ja ilmoittautuminen’ (Courses and signing up) to browse all OAJ’s training programmes. Please take a moment to check your membership details are up to date.