Membership benefits

As OAJ’s member, you will receive many benefits in addition to representation – both in your work and your free time.

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Protecting your interests

OAJ’s experts and shop stewards provide their members with assistance and advice when problems occur in working life.

Member advocacy

Security against unemployment

We have insured our members in case of unemployment with the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund.

Unemployment fund

In case of accidents

We have insured our members with a number of good insurance policies covering work, travel and accidents.

Insurance benefits


Are you planning on taking a relaxing holiday at a spa, enjoying the great outdoors at a cottage or exploring foreign lands? As a member, you can receive discounts on a wide array of recreation and holiday services.

Holiday and recreation services

Magazine and calendar orders

Our members receive an annual calendar and the number one education and training sector publication: Opettaja magazine.

Opettaja magazine and pocket calendar

Banking benefits

The co-operation agreement between OAJ and Danske Bank provides our members with access to an inexpensive mortgage, assistance in making investments and a benefits package for recent graduates.

Banking services

Benefits for all Akava members

Member+ contains a substantial array of benefits that are available to all Akava members. You can access Akava’s benefits by registering as a service user.


Books and magazine subscriptions

OAJ members get discounts from several publishing companies. You can buy books or subscribe magazines at a lower price.

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Health and wellbeing

Use your membership card to get the discount. Always keep your card with you to ensure you get the most out of the benefits we offer.

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Recreational activities

Discount on the entry ticket to the indoor activity park SuperPark and tickets at special price to Sea Life Helsinki.

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Benefits for motorists

Use your membership card to get discounts. Always keep your card with you to ensure you get the most out of the benefits we offer. You can have a discount on renting a car or buying fuel.

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Other benefits with card or codes

Check other benefits that you get with your membership card och with a special code!

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