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Increasing shortage of teachers in Finland

The shortage of teachers has become more severe in Finland especially in relation to early childhood education. The ability of teachers to cope at work has also been discussed extensively in public.

03.12.2021 News
Dramatic shift: Six in ten Finnish teachers are now considering career change

OAJ’s survey published today reports that well over half of Finnish teachers have considered career change. The most common reasons for considering career change were the burden of work, increased workload and wage level. The President of OAJ demands that politicians and employers realise the gravity of the situation and solve the problems pushing teachers away from the sector.

28.09.2021 News
The cooperation negotiations have been concluded – the University of the Arts made the positions of 80 teachers and researchers permanent

The Labour Court’s decision changed the fixed-term teaching task tradition. The duties of lecturers and professors included in the career-based system will also be made permanent.

26.03.2021 News